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 DIRECTV Installation


We make it easy to get setup with DIRECTV® service.

First, DIRECTV® Standard Professional Installation is free. That's right - no cost to get started. And, with Filamtvchannel, you can get DIRECTV®  receivers setup in four rooms, for free. And with Filamtvchannel, there's NO shipping and handling fees - because equipment is not shipped to your home or apartment. This is important...

When you order with us, our Sales Agents use DIRECTV's in-house scheduling system to get an installation appointment that works best for you.

What could be easier?

DIRECTV® Standard Professional Installation includes:

  • Mounting of your satellite dish on an outside wall with the necessary hardware, within 125 ft. cable length of your TV.
  • Up to 125 ft. of RG-6 cable for standard receivers; up to 125 ft. of dual RG-6 cable for advanced product installations.
  • The hardware necessary to mount and ground your satellite antenna.
  • Routing of all cables to one TV per receiver installation either through an exterior wall (frame or one layer of masonry) or from your basement and connection to an existing phone jack within 25 ft. (connection to a phone line is required for DIRECTV®  System activation; if multi-receiver installation, all receivers must be hooked to the same phone line).
  • Connection to your TV, VCR and DVD player, if co-located, and activation of DIRECTV programming.
  • Once your DIRECTV® System is installed, the professional installer will demonstrate how to use the DIRECTV System, including programming your remote, and any services associated with DIRECTV.
  • Installation of additional receivers and custom installation available for a charge.
If you rent your property you will need your landlord to sign this installation permission form and give it to the DIRECTV installer on the day of your installation:
Click Here
to Download the Installation Permission Form
Haga clic para Aquí Descargar la Forma Española del Permiso de la Instalación


Where do you install the DIRECTV® Dish?
To receive DIRECTV programming your home needs a clear view of the southern sky, unblocked by trees or buildings. After that, our professional installers mount the DIRECTV dish in the most appealing location for your home, apartment, condominium or townhouse.

Can I get DIRECTV® programming if I live in an apartment or condominium?
Yes! Many apartment and condominium residents have the dish installed on a private patio or balcony - a clear view to the southern sky is required. Ask for approval from the manager of your home, apartment, condominium or townhouse prior to setup. If management has concerns about this, visit the FCC website for information on your rights to use a DIRECTV  dish.

What will I get with standard professional installation?
You'll receive a service call from a highly trained installer, installation of a dish on your roof, balcony or other location, running up to 125 ft. of cable, 25 feet of phone line, drilling through one wall, connecting your receiver to your TV and VCR or DVD player, a mini-lesson about your system and activation of your service.

Can I use my existing wiring in my house with my DIRECTV  System?
In most cases, your existing wiring can be used. Your installer will verify this upon arrival.

Can I use just one DIRECTV® dish for the whole house?
Yes. One dish is all you need, no matter how many receivers/rooms are hooked into it.

How large is the DIRECTV® dish?
The DIRECTV dish is small and unobtrusive, about 20" wide by 18" tall, and all are round or oval shaped. Note: If you order a DIRECTV WorldDirect Service package, the DIRECTV Dish is 36" wide, round or oval shaped.

How long will it take to get my equipment?
Equipment comes on your scheduled installation date, and will be delivered by the installer. Installation dates are generally available within 24-72 hours of when the order is placed.

What happens when I move?
Just call DIRECTV  before you move and let us know when and where you'll be moving. With the DIRECTV  MOVERS CONNECTION, a new dish and standard professional installation is provided with your annual commitment to any TOTAL CHOICE or OPCIÓN EXTRA programming package or above. Leave your DIRECTV® dish behind, only take your existing receivers and remotes with you when you move.
The account holder, or someone over the age of 18 authorized to make installation, payment and account decisions on behalf of the account holder, must be at home for the installation. If you live in an area governed by a Home Owners Association, installation of DIRECTV
®  System may require pre-approval. If you are not the property owner the installer must have approval from your landlord before starting the work.





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